Ultimate Guide to Gardening Resources

The first gardens, which were sown in ancient times, were created out of the need to grow and provide food. Ornamental or decorative gardens came later as a reflection of the desire of the upper class to enjoy a garden purely for its aesthetic value. Today, both types abound throughout the world. Actress Helen Mirren once said, “Gardening is learning, learning, learning. That’s the fun of them. You’re always learning.” Presumably, that’s why you’re here – to learn. Whatever type of gardening project you’re interested in launching or improving upon, this guide has you covered. Dig in to more than 40 valuable resources that span from creating a garden specifically for wildlife to discovering a blog or podcast that will provide you with the gardening tips and techniques you long for


General Gardening Resources

Before you move on to more specific resource sections, browse this offering of general resources. Resources include links to information on the last frost in your area, choosing fruit varieties, storing garden-grown veggies and more.

How to Get Free Seeds for Your First Garden – Check out this article to learn about ways you can score free seeds and cut down on your gardening expenses.

Guide to Gardening by Mail, Mail Order Catalogs and Gardening   – Visit this site to find a free directory of over 7,500 mail order gardening companies. The best part is other gardeners have shared their advice on which ones are the best.

Plants State Search – Use this search feature on the U.S. Department of Agriculture website to find information on plants within your state.

Average Frost Dates – While this is a rough guide of when the last frost in your area will likely be – it could vary by a week or two – it’s a helpful resource when planning to plant your garden.

Watch Your Garden Grow – Find information about growing, storing and preparing a variety of veggies from the University of Illinois Extension.

Cornell Guide to Growing Fruit at Home – This is a go-to resource for growing your own fruit. Learn how to choose the best varieties for your situation, select planting sites, deal with diseases and pests and more.

Garden for Wildlife – If your interests lie in attracting birds, butterflies and other creatures to your garden, follow this link to discover information about creating specific habits for wildlife.

Gardening Apps   – Find information and links for some of the top gardening apps available for your Apple or Android device.

Ask a Master Gardener – Fill out the online form with information about your gardening question, wait up to 48 hours and receive an educated answer from a Master Gardener.


Garden Planning Resources

To get the most out of your garden, you should take the time to plan it down to the last detail. For help, take advantage of the following free, online planners that will help you plan out the perfect garden in no time.

My Garden – Draw, drag, drop and resize your way to an ideal garden plan. Plans are saved online in your account, and you can print PDFs.

Online Garden Planner – This planner also allows you to draw, drag, drop and resize objects, but you aren’t able to save the plans to an online account.

Smart Gardener – If you’re into the details of things such as seed depth, spacing and plant height, this is the planner for you. It’s the most detailed of the bunch.

Better Homes and Garden’s Plan-a-Garden – From a trusted name comes this user-friendly planner that features 3D drag-and-drop objects and walks users through a planning wizard before allowing them to create on their own plan.


Garden Teaching Resources

Educating students about gardening comes in many different forms. Whether you need to start with background basics or you’re looking for a plan on starting a school garden, this section provides.

Kids Gardening.org – Find curriculum and lesson plans from this national nonprofit that’s been promoting garden-based learning for children for decades.

I Can Grow – Burpee, partnered with the National Gardening Association offers you this guide to educators who want to begin a youth garden program.

Garden Lesson Plans – Find recipe, garden and food and farm lesson plans organized by grade-levels K-12.

Growing Gardeners – Utilize these lessons to teach things such as plant life cycles, insects, seasons, weather and erosion in a hands-on way.

Collective School Garden Network   – This site houses a collection of links to all sorts of garden curriculum such as the American Heart Association and Whole Kids Foundation’s School Gardens Lesson Plans Guide.


Gardening Organizations

Explore these various organizations that offer membership benefits and helpful information related to gardening and landscaping.

American Horticultural Society – The AHS, founded in 1922, has close to 20,000 members and offers educational programs and publications related to horticulture.

National Gardening Association – Via the NGA, gardeners can obtain the information they need to create and maintain healthy gardens and landscapes.

National Garden Bureau – Education, inspiration and motivation to use plants throughout living, working and outdoor spaces are what the National Garden Bureau aims to provide.

National Junior Horticultural Association – Founded in 1934, the NJHA continues to dedicate itself to helping youth develop skills in the field of horticulture.

North American Fruit Explorers – NAFEX includes members across North America who have a special interest in the discovery, cultivation and general appreciation of superior nut and fruit varieties.

Botanical Society of America – Professional botanists, educators of all ages, affiliated professionals and more are encouraged to explore this society that’s focused on botany and its future.


Indoor Gardening Resources  

Indoor gardening has its own set of benefits, such as a controlled temperature environment and freedom from certain parasites. Below, find all the information you need to launch and maintain one.

Inhabit – This weblog, dedicated to a sustainable future for all, offers insightful and informative articles concerning indoor gardening.

Planet Natural – Find research-based answers to all of your indoor growing questions about anything from grow lights to microgreens.

10 Tips for Planning Your Indoor Garden – This article, from Reader’s Digest, offers insight into the basic things you should to do help your indoor gardening efforts succeed.

Create an Indoor Garden – Interested in creating a dish garden or terrarium indoors? If so, this is the resource to help you get started.

Container Gardening   – The University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences offers several links to container gardening.

Growing Indoor Plants with Success   – From the University of Georgia Cooperative Extensive comes this PDF guide that was written by Bodie V. Pennisi, Extension Floriculture Specialist.


Gardening Blogs

Take some time to browse the following gardening blogs that can offer you tons of helpful information and insights about the world of gardening.

Garden Rant – This blog has had many distinctions bestowed upon it such as Best Garden Blog and Most Innovative Garden Blog and contains the work of gardeners with steadfast opinions.

Veggie Gardening Tips – Find gardening tips and organic growing tips from highly experienced gardener Kenny Point.

Growing the Home Garden – Discover plenty of information about creating and maintaining a successful home garden such as gardening in raised beds or beginning plant propagation.

20 Minute Garden – Think you don’t have time for a garden? Check out this blog for tips on how you can do it in 20 minutes per day.


Gardening Podcasts

Take a break from reading and listen to all kinds of gardening-related information and advice. Short on time? Listen while gardening!

You Bet Your Garden – This podcast features a call-in radio program hosted by Mike McGrath who delivers easy-to-digest organic gardening advice.

Vegetable Gardening – Join leading gardening experts as they divulge their personal tips and techniques about veggie gardening.

Still Growing – Jennifer Ebeling hosts this hour-long, weekly show in which she interviews gardening experts. It’s best for those who want to gain knowledge and develop gardening skills.

Gardenerd Tip of the Week    – Organic gardening tips and advice with a side of humor is what you’ll find in this weekly podcast.

We Dig Plants   – Experience this cultured look at the relationship between humans and plants, including their mystery and influence from a global perspective.

Making it Grow Minutes – Listen to a wealth of gardening news and tips as well as agricultural information from Amanda McNulty, host and Clemson University Extension Agent.

The Magic Garden – Join this live show for listener call-ins, expert interviews and more based on all types of gardening and lawn care.