ReviewLab Methodology

ReviewLab has created and optimized its own data driven research funnel for discovering, vetting, and selecting the products we recommend to our users. Below we’ll discuss three key components of our methodology to give you better context around how we choose our products.


Product Research

The first and most important step for ReviewLab is making sure we’ve identified all products in a given category. To do this, we’ve replaced manual product research with an automated process we’ve developed for finding every product available on the internet. Where some product review sites consider dozens of products, we consider hundreds. In doing so, we ensure every product is considered and not just the easy to find, popular ones.

Scoring Algorithm

Once we’ve sourced all products in a category, our proprietary scoring algorithm processes the thousands of reviews per product to give you a user driven score. We then rank each product’s value and brand quality relative to our dataset of products in a category. Thus, our scores are not only objective, but also a true reflection of the product’s overall standing in a category.

Review Process

Our product research process and scoring algorithm enables us to filter products in a category to the best of the best. We then put these in front of our professional review team to dissect the products and read between the data. They take into consideration the remaining factors that the data can’t: buying criteria, different use cases, and other components they’ve deemed important from their own research. The result is a concise, well organized list of products that empowers you to choose the best product for your needs.