Guide to Parenting Resources

When you first have a child, there are issues that are paramount such as meeting the infant’s basic needs and addressing any medical concerns that might arise. As your child grows and develops, additional issues arise such as keeping them safe and dealing with social and emotional issues. From the baby who won’t stop crying to the teen who is determined to defy you, this resource guide has you covered. As you journey through the different stages and challenges of parenthood, it helps to have a set of reliable resources that you can refer to for questions or concerns. Below, you’ll discover 50 high-quality and informative parenting resources for children ages 0 to 18 that can help you become a better parent.


General Parenting Resources

This general resources section provides information about parenting education, ADHD, child abuse and neglect, children’s media ratings and much more.

The Center for Parenting Education – Find a wide variety of parenting resources that can ultimately help anyone be a better parent.

ADHD Resource Center – This link will provide information about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and answer other FAQs.

Protecting Our Children from Abuse and Neglect – From the American Psychological Association comes this resource on what constitutes child abuse and neglect and how to prevent it.

Common Sense Media – Visit this website of a national organization that assists parents in making informed decisions about children’s movies, games, apps and books.

PBS Parents – Here you’ll discover plenty of information on child development and suggestions for social and emotional guidance.


Medical Parenting Resources

No matter if you have an infant or a teen, medical care is one area that shouldn’t be neglected. Find out about what’s important for your child.


Medical Care for Your Newborn – Find out about the different tests and procedures newborns need to ensure their good health.

Choosing a Pediatric Care Provider – Choosing a pediatrician for your infant is a necessary step in providing important medical care. Find out how.

When to Call Your Baby’s Provider – Sometimes your baby can wait for an appointment, and other times she or he might need immediate attention for medical reasons. Find out how to tell the difference.

Infant Immunization Schedule – Reference this schedule from the CDC to find recommended immunizations and time frames for infants.


Toddler Checkups – This link from Web MD provides information on routine checkups for children ages 2 to 5.

Toddler Diseases and Medical Conditions – Find out about the different diseases and medical conditions that can affect toddlers.

Toddler Immunization Schedule – Reference this schedule from the CDC to find recommended immunizations and time frames for toddlers.

Growth Chart Downloads for Birth to 24 Months – Follow the link to download growth charts for boys and girls from birth to 24 months.


Children’s Diseases and Medical Conditions – Find out about the different diseases and medical conditions that can affect children ages 4 to 11.

Growth Chart Downloads for Children 2 to 20 years – Follow the link to download growth charts for female and male children, adolescents and teens ages 2 to 20.

Immunization Schedule for Children – Check out this immunization schedule from the Centers for Disease Control regarding recommended immunizations for children beginning at age 7.


Center for Disease Control – Find out about the different diseases and medical conditions that can affect children ages 12 to 19.

Recommended Immunizations for Teens – This helpful immunization schedule from the CDC will keep your teen on-track.


Emotional Parenting Resources

At the different ages and stages of development, children have varied emotional needs and challenges. The resources below will help you navigate them.


Emotional Development: 1 Year Olds – Learn what it’s like to deal with the emotional development of infants between the ages of 1 and 2 years.

When Your Baby Won’t Stop Crying – Find out trusted tips and techniques to implement when your baby won’t stop crying.


Emotional Development: 2 Year Olds – This link details the emotional development of toddlers between the ages of 2 and 3-years.

Ten Ways to Tame Your Kid’s Tantrums – Children between the ages of 1 and 4 often have trouble coping with their emotions, which results in tantrums. Find out how to help them.


Children’s Social and Emotional Growth – Discover information about the social and emotional growth of children ages 5 to 9. The link takes you to age 5 and the sidebar on the left has links to ages 6, 7, 8 and 9.

When Your Child Doesn’t Want to Go to School – Almost every child has days he or she doesn’t want to go to school. Find out how to deal with it.


Social and Emotional Changes in Adolescence – Many important social and emotional changes happen during adolescence. Find out how to support your child during this stage of development.

Talking to Your Child about Puberty – Utilize this resource to talk to your child about this new and confusing stage in his or her life to ensure he or she is well-informed.


The Teen Years Explained – From Johns Hopkins University comes this 124-page guide that will help you provide social and emotional guidance to your child.

Teen Sexual Behavior: Issues and Concerns – This link provides information on teens and their exposure to sexual behaviors and media and how to handle it.


Parenting Tips

One of the things that are invaluable when parenting are helpful and timely tips. Check out the resources below to find something that you can apply.

Tips for Infants

Breastfeeding – Discover everything you ever wanted or needed to know in regards to breastfeeding your infant.

Newborn Behavior – Caring for a newborn can trigger all sorts of questions — especially for new parents — and this guide can help answer those questions.

Tips for Toddlers

Aha! Parenting – One look at this resource and it will likely become your go-to for tips about everything related to parenting a toddler.

7 Tips for Disciplining Your Toddler – These simple strategies can help make disciplining your toddler much easier.

Tips for Children

Discipline Tips for School Age Children – School age children are exposed to many different influences and may try to test their limits. Use this tips to help guide them in the right way.

Tips for Adolescents/Teens

Positive Parenting Strategies for the Teenage Years – Just as there are strategies for parenting toddlers, there are parenting strategies for teens. Check them out here.

Ten Practices of Effective Discipline With Your Adolescent – Learn from a licensed psychologist 10 helpful, positive discipline practices that will help your teen grow.

4 Tips for Parenting Teenagers – Follow this link to get parenting tips from Dr. James Dobson, a leading authority and advocate for families.


Parenting Websites

The following websites can help you learn about everything from breastfeeding your infant to getting your teen ready for college. – If you’re interested in natural and eco-conscious living in regards to parenting, this site is for you.  – Find research-based information on breastfeeding and parenting topics. Also find articles on nutrition, sleep and more. – This site is overflowing with various parenting articles and videos on a wide range of topics. – Get answers to your questions about parenting, breastfeeding, pregnancy, childbirth, health care and more from well-known pediatricians Dr. William Sears and Dr. Martha Sears.  – If you’re seeking the latest in news, tips and advice for all things mom-related, look no further.


Parenting Podcasts

If you can carve out some parenting downtime, the following podcasts can give you helpful tips and insights to apply to your children.

Little Sprigs Podcast – Join host Christian Perez for this podcast about “mindful, conscious parenting”. Guests include relevant experts and authors.

Quiet – This self-help podcast hosted by Susan Cain includes research and interviews with parents and interviews with children who identify as introverted.

Mighty Mommy – Get “quick and dirty” practical parenting tips from host Cheryl Butler. Each podcast episode lasts only 10-12 minutes.

Respectful Parenting – No matter what stage of parenting you are currently in, host Janet Lansbury has a podcast episode for you.


Parenting Apps

When it comes to parenting apps, how can you decide which ones are best? Never fear. We’ve located some of the best app advice out there.

70 Best Apps for Families – This well-organized list will make it easy to find an app for your parenting needs and many are free.

16 Must-Have Apps for New Moms – With of all of the stress of being a new mom, why not take advantage of a helpful app or two to make things easier?

Best Apps for School-Age Kids – Check out this list of recommended apps for school-aged children and instantly filter out the negative ones.

Teen Monitoring Apps – With all of the online dangers lurking out there, it helps to have an app that can monitor your teen’s activities. Some of the apps have a free trial period.