Ultimate Guide to Metal Detecting

Theoretically, anyone can purchase a metal detector and begin hunting with it. Yet, there’s so much more involved in this pastime. To begin, you need to be knowledgeable about the type of metal detector you need to accomplish your specific goals. Then, you should be informed about the laws and etiquette that govern this hobby to avoid conflict. In addition, you should have some tips and tricks at the ready to make your excursion as successful as possible. To get started, check out the resources below. You’ll find 40 high-quality links that include information about the history of metal detecting, different types of metal detectors, historic finds, best places to look for treasure, advanced and beginner tips and much more to aid you in finding metal detecting success.


General Metal Detecting Resources

Within these general resources, you can learn about laws related to metal detecting, associations you can join, an overview of the hobby and plenty of additional information.

Metal Detecting, Archaeology Sites and the Law – Find out everything you need to know to protect yourself while metal detecting and in the event of a discovery.

Gold Prospectors Association of America – This association, which was founded by George “Buzzard” Massie in 1968, provides members exclusive access to gold-bearing properties and tools related to gold prospecting.

Worldwide Association of Treasure Seekers – WWATS offers a free membership that lasts for one year. One of its main missions is to strengthen recreational detecting opportunities for treasure seekers.

Different Types of Metal Detectors – Learn about the different type of metal detectors that are currently available for use.

Metal Detecting 101 – This article from National Geographic gives readers an overview of the complex history and present state of the hobby of metal detecting.

MDH Talk – Consider this a depository for information related to metal detecting as a hobby including information about current news, events, laws, clubs and much more.

Coin Week – This resource can be your go-to for learning about different coins that you may find while detecting.

Tom’s Treasures Internet Magazine – Find articles on this site that answer questions such as whether or not you should buy a used metal detector or how to get permission to detect on private property.

Five Celebrities Who Metal Detect – Take a look at this article which lists different celebrities and describes their enjoyment of metal detecting.


History of Metal Detecting

The resources in this section focus on the history of the metal detector, fascinating amateur finds and some of the coolest finds ever made.

The History of the Metal Detector – Learn about the history of the metal detector. You might be surprised to learn that the purpose of the first metal detector had nothing to do with gold.

Invention and Use of Metal Detectors – Discover who invented the first metal detector and the various uses of a metal detector.

10 Fascinating Amateur Metal Detector Finds  – The descriptions of finds on this site date from 1946 to 2008 and occurred in both the United States and Canada.

The Coolest Things Ever Found With a Metal Detector  – Check out this list of 11 of the coolest things that random people have discovered using metal detectors.


Metal Detecting Finds

What are you interested in finding? Old coins, buried treasure, gold nuggets? Use the resources in this section to help you get closer to your goal.

Let’s Talk Metal Detecting and Treasure Hunting  – Join host Jon Morgan and his knowledgeable guests for a discussion about metal detecting and treasure hunting.

Coin Collecting and Metal Detecting  – If your metal detecting interests include dirt fishing for coins, you’ve just found the perfect resource.

How to Use a Metal Detector to Find Gold Nuggets  – This article teaches the basics of using a metal detector to find gold nuggets. It also advises readers about the different types of detectors.

Cleaning Tips for Your Metal Detector Finds  – Cleaning found items can be a delicate task. Find out how to do it without causing damage to them.


Metal Detecting Tips for Beginners

When you’re a beginner or novice in any activity, helpful information and tips from experienced professionals are always of benefit. Take some time to look over the resources below before starting to hunt for treasure.

25 Metal Detecting Tips for Beginners  – This article details 25 of the author’s best tips for beginning treasure hunters. Take advantage of them to make your experience easier.

Finding Treasure  – Engage in free learning from The Open University which provides information on what to do if you find treasure while detecting.

Beginning Tips for Metal Detecting  – Learn about the basics in regards to all different types of metal detecting.

Metal Detecting Tips for Beginners  – Learn about the types of metal detecting activities, equipment and accessories and much more.

Metal Detecting Code of Ethics  – Find out about the code of ethics that applies while metal detecting so you can be informed and avoid unnecessary conflicts.

21 Metal Detecting Secrets I Wish I Knew as a Beginner  – This article can help you pave a smoother path to success when metal detecting. It provides plenty of tips that take some people years to learn.


Advanced Metal Detecting Tips

Once you’ve graduated from the beginner stage of metal detecting, you’re ready to engage in more advanced skills. Find out more below.

Metal Detecting Tips  – Ready to take your metal detecting finds to the next level? Check out this blog.

Learn the Ins and Outs of Geocaching With a Metal Detector  – If you’re into metal detecting, combining metal detecting with geocaching can get you some terrific results.

12 Secret Metal Detecting Tips  – Check out these “secret” tips to help you become better at metal detecting. You might discover some you haven’t thought about or tried.

Tips for Detecting Gold Nuggets  – This article focuses on how to choose a detector and recommends accessories that are well-suited for detecting gold nuggets.


Metal Detecting Destinations

If you’re stumped for ideas for your next metal detecting destinations, you’ll find plenty of good suggestions within the following links.

Where to go Metal Detecting  – It’s easy enough to take a metal detector somewhere, but where should you go for the best chance of finding something of interest? Find out by following the link above.

Good Places to go for Metal Detecting  – The best places to go metal detecting are often the ones where many people have gone before you. Find out more by following the link.

Where to Find Treasure: Hunting in Unusual Places  – This article helps you “think outside of the box” when it comes to deciding where to find treasure.

Hunting the Beach  – Discover all types of dry sand and wet sand hunting tips as well as where to look within both areas.

Where Are Some Good Places to Go Metal Detecting?  – Enjoy browsing this “Geek’s Guide to Coinshooting” that offers calculations of success at various types of sites. While the calculations are for entertainment purposes only, plenty of great suggestions for metal detecting sites are offered.


Metal Detecting Blogs

If learning from metal detecting experts is your goal, a reputable blog on the subject is a good place to begin. Check out the options below.

Metal Detecting in the U.S.A.  – This blog, maintained by J.R. Hoff, offers a wide range of metal detecting resources such as stories, tips, pictures, how-to articles and more.

Metal Detecting: The Ultimate Guide  – While this blog is dedicated to different kinds of hobbies – not just metal detecting – this link will take you to an extensive guide that’s helpful for many related questions or concerns.

Minelab’s Treasure Talk Blog  – Visit this blog to learn about products, detecting experiences, helpful tips and tricks and much more related to metal detecting.

Mr. Metal Detector  – If your interests lie in finding gold, you’re in the right place. The information contained in this blog can help you discover the best metal detector for your purpose.

Stout Standards  – Check out this blog by Dick Stout, an author and authority in the metal detecting community for decades.

Detecting Diva  – This blog caters to female detectorists, but anyone can visit and learn about the experiences, knowledge, photos and finds posted here.

Detecting 365 – Learn everything you need to know about navigating the challenges metal detectorists face in relation to permissions, equipment, techniques and more.

Relic-Hunting.com – This blog is full of information relating to metal detecting gear as well as helpful reviews.