Ice Cream Enthusiast Resource Guide

Ice cream – the ultimate old-fashioned treat – is said by some to have been invented around 200 B.C. in China. However, the closest version of the ice cream concoction that we know today wasn’t served until the 16th century. Over time, ice cream has departed from a plain and simple scoop of vanilla to more creative flavors – maple bacon or wasabi – and shapes such as stacked parfaits, cookie and ice cream sandwiches and uniquely shaped popsicles. The possibilities are endless. While this guide isn’t endless, you’ll definitely find plenty of resources that have the power to delight even the most discerning ice cream enthusiast. With over 40 handpicked resources that include ice cream, sherbet, sorbet and gelato recipes as well as ice-cream themed lesson plans and blogs, you’re sure to find something that will appeal.

Here’s What’s Inside

General Ice Cream Resources
Ice Cream Lesson Plans for Teachers
Alternative Ways to Make Ice Cream
Ice Cream Recipes
Celebrity Ice Cream Recipes
Sherbet Recipes
Sorbet Recipes
Gelato Recipes
Ice Cream Blogs


General Ice Cream Resources

Within this general resources section, you’ll find information on the history of ice cream, confections from other countries, tips on storing and handling ice cream and more.

Evolution of the Ice Cream Stand – Scroll to pages 5-8 within this resource to discover an article about the evolution of the ice cream stand beginning in 1851.

Tips on Storing and Handling Ice Cream – From the International Dairy Foods Association comes this guide about handling and storing ice cream at the store and at home.

The Murky, Delicious History of the Ice Cream Cone – Who can we thank for inventing the best vehicle ever for creamy, delicious ice cream?  Click the link to find out.

Food Timeline: Ice Cream – This resource provides a plethora of information about all things ice cream including popsicles.

Around the World in Ice Cream – Beyond the frozen yogurts and ice creams of the United States are the delicious creations of other countries. Find out about them here.

Must-Try Ice Cream Mash-Ups – Discover over a dozen new flavors using vanilla ice cream as a base and a variety of different mix-ins.


Ice Cream Lesson Plans for Teachers

Who says learning can’t be fun and delicious? Teachers will take delight in the ice cream lesson plans that can be used with various grade levels.

Make Ice Cream in a Plastic Bag – This easy and fun lesson plan works well for learning chemical reactions or as a basis for exploring the scientific method.

Ice Cream Toddler and Preschool Unit – This unit has multiple ice cream crafts and activities that are perfect for use with toddlers and preschoolers.

Ice Cream Themed Math Lesson Plan – This engaging multi-step lesson plan integrates literacy, math and science and is a great pick for elementary students.

Chocolate and Ice Cream Across the Curriculum – This unit, which is most appropriate for upper-level elementary or middle school students in a language arts class, incorporates a mystery story and requires plenty of reading, writing, observing and inferencing.


Alternative Ways to Make Ice Cream

There’s more than one way to make ice cream, such as using a bag or a container. Find out how to make your own creamy confection without using an ice cream machine.

10 Healthy Ice Creams You Can Make in Your Blender – Discover how to make your own healthy, soft-serve ice cream at home without unnecessary ingredients.

Real Ice Cream Without an Ice Cream Machine – Find out to make ice cream without a machine that will rival premium brands using this recipe posted on Serious Eats.

Homemade Ice Cream … In a Bag! – Now you can have homemade ice cream in 17 minutes without the use of electricity.

Easy Homemade Ice Cream Without a Machine – This recipe is easy, and it doesn’t require a machine or rock salt to make your own cold and creamy confection.


Ice Cream Recipes

Whether you’re in the mood for a recipe for a classic ice cream flavor or something a bit more adventurous, this section can provide.

25 Homemade Ice Cream Recipes – Within this collection of 25 homemade ice cream recipes from Southern Living you’ll find flavors such as Bourbon-Butter-Salted Pecan, Lemon Icebox Pie and Banana Coconut.

Mint Chip Ice Cream – This recipe ditches the mint extract for actual mint leaves to create the most “mind-blowing” mint chip ice cream ever.

Rocky Road Ice Cream – Discover an ice cream offering requires adding walnuts (instead of almonds) and chocolate chips in addition to marshmallows.

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream – In this recipe, you use vanilla bean – instead of extract – to get the most exquisite vanilla flavor in your ice cream.

Unique Ice Cream Flavors and Recipes – Brown Butter Bacon and Cilantro Lime are two of the unique flavor offerings in this collection. Follow the link to find out what the others are.


Celebrity Ice Cream Recipes

From an ex-president to a celebrity chef, these ice cream recipes come highly recommended.

Thomas Jefferson’s Recipe for Vanilla Ice Cream – Check out this handwritten recipe for vanilla ice cream from Thomas Jefferson, which was one of the most popular recipes at Monticello.

Vanilla Ice Cream – Celebrity chef Rory O’ Connell offers this fantastic vanilla ice cream recipe that is based on an egg mousse.

Tiffani Thiessen’s Ice Cream Recipes – Discover two refreshing ice cream recipes – classic vanilla and strawberries and cream – from this actress and mom.

Raw Blueberry Ice Cream – If traditional ice cream with eggs, sugar and heavy cream isn’t for you, check out this healthy dairy-free recipe approved by celebrity Victoria Beckham.

Banana Ice Cream with Roasted Almonds – This dairy-free offering is from actress Gwyneth Paltrow and contains frozen bananas, almond milk and sweet-and-sour roasted almonds.


Sherbet Recipes

These fruity recipes offer ice cream enthusiasts an enjoyable treat without all of the fat found in a serving of traditional-style ice cream.

Orange Sherbet – This recipe from Alton Brown is labeled as an easy recipe to complete and yields around one quart of sherbet.

Cherry Sherbet – This classic cherry sherbet can be made with fresh, pitted cherries or frozen ones – both result in a delicious concoction.

Fresh Pineapple Sherbet – This simple recipe requires four ingredients plus an ice cream machine to create this refreshing treat.

Mixed Berry Sherbet Recipe – Try this delicious and tangy sherbet that turns into a rich treat with the addition of milk.


Sorbet Recipes

Sorbet is a no-fat concoction consisting of frozen fruit juice or flavored water and sugar. Below you’ll find a nice selection of recipes for this flavorful treat.

Sorbet Recipes – Follow this link to a variety of sorbet recipes from Eating Well magazine such as Chocolate-Earl Grey Sorbet and Ginger-Blueberry Sorbet.

Fresh Strawberry Sorbet – The fresh fruit sorbet recipe gives you the option of using an ice cream maker or freezing the mixture in a shallow metal or glass container.

Very Basic Mango-Lime Sorbet – Click on the link to find a refreshing, simple recipe that does not require the use of an ice cream machine.

Lemon Sorbet – This recipe for citrusy lemon sorbet recommends using 2 tsp. of vodka to keep the sorbet from freezing solid. As a result, you have a smoother confection.


Gelato Recipes

While gelato has many of the same ingredients as ice cream, they are in different proportions that result in it being a lower-fat option.

Chocolate-Hazelnut Gelato – This recipe from Giada de Laurentiis includes an instructional video. Her secret to making this recipe great? Nutella.

Espresso Gelato – For those who like more coffee flavor than not, this gelato delivers with an ingredient list that includes both ground espresso beans and powder.

Strawberry Chocolate Chip Gelato – If you enjoy the flavor combo of chocolate-covered strawberries, you’ll love this strawberry chocolate-chip gelato.

Mango Gelato – This mango gelato recipe runs a close second to some of the best gelato available. Try it and see if you agree.


Ice Cream Blogs

Browse the following links to find a sweet selection of blogs that you’ll want to visit again and again for confection recommendations and reviews. There’s even one with business advice.

Must Love Ice Cream – Foodie writer Hilary Sheinbaum took her years of writing experience for notable publications and applied them to this blog about her fave food: ice cream.

Scoop Adventures – Ice cream enthusiast Lindsay makes it her purpose in life to find the best tasting scoop. Check out her hand-crafted ice cream recipes.

On Second Scoop – If you like reading honest reviews about different ice cream brands and flavors from someone just like you, you’ll love this blog that has reviews posted for over 1,650 ice cream products.

Malcolm Stogo’s Ice Cream University – Interested in running your own ice cream business? Discover all of the ins and outs on this helpful blog.

The Ice Cream Informant – Enjoy detailed reviews and high-quality pictures of ice cream brands and flavors worldwide.