Home Improvement Resource Guide

Home improvement is a wide category that encompasses everything from painting a hallway or installing a new garbage disposal to overhauling a bathroom or even undertaking a home addition. And tackling home improvement projects on your own, rather than calling in a contractor, can be a rewarding, money-saving experience. However, not everyone is a home improvement dynamo, and that’s where this guide to home improvement resources comes in. We searched the Web to find the best home improvement resources available. Whether you’re still in the seeking-inspiration stage or you’re ready to break ground – so to speak – on a home improvement project, check out the 50 resources below that were hand-selected to make your home improvement journey easier. Inside you’ll find general DIY resources, painting help, remodeling resources and a whole lot more.


General Home Improvement Resources

Find information in this section that ranges from home improvement mistakes to avoid to tips that will help you succeed during your next remodeling or renovating project.

Consumer Protection: Home Remodeling and Repair – This article offers plenty of helpful information and cautionary advice that applies to consumers across the United States seeking home remodeling and repair.

Top 25 Biggest Renovating Mistakes – When embarking on a home renovation project, the last thing you want to do is make a costly or irreversible mistake. Follow the link to find out the 25 biggest renovating snafus.

10 Things to Never EVER Do Before Starting a Renovation – The information in this article from House Beautiful will help you sidestep the pitfalls that plenty of homeowners fall victim to when getting ready to begin a renovation.

30 Tips for Increasing Your Home’s Value – Work through this list of 30 valuable tips for ramping up your house’s value no matter what your budget.

Cost Vs. Value Reports – Planning a remodeling project? Make sure it’s one that retains its value. Visit this link that compares average cost vs. resale value in 100 U.S. markets.

NARI Homeowner Resources – The National Association of the Remodeling Industry offers homeowners this list of resources that includes information about design trends and green remodeling.


Interior Painting Resources

Interior painting requires preparation, execution and sometimes troubleshooting. Whether you want to gather inspiration for an interior painting project or learn how to fix common painting mistakes, this section will give you the information you need.

Painting Supplies Checklist – Before you go to your local hardware or home improvement store, check out this list of painting supplies to avoid forgetting a necessity.

25+ Amazing Paint Color Ideas – The perfect shade of paint can transform a tired room into a welcoming spot for company or brighten a boring kitchen. Find your inspiration by checking out the above link.

Interior Paint Ideas and Schemes from the Color Wheel – Read this article to gain an understanding of the color wheel, which will help you choose a color scheme that will suit you and your home perfectly.

The 10 Paint Colors Designers Always Use – Discover the 10 paint colors designers use as their go-to options without fail. These tried and true choices are a no-brainer.

Fix These 10 Painting Mistakes – From sloppy drips to patching problems and everything in between, find out how to correct these common painting mistakes.


Exterior Painting Resources

When planning to embark on an exterior painting project, it’s all about what you know that can make things go more smoothly. Rather than puzzling over the prepping materials you need or giving yourself a headache when trying to choose a color scheme, check out the following resources first.

Exterior Painting – From where to begin with your exterior painting project to how to paint architectural ironwork, this resource is a wealth of information.

Painter Forum – Visit this forum that’s been around since 2004 to get free advice from professional tradesmen and housepainters. Expect accurate and informative responses when you post a question, or you can choose to browse questions and answers on the forum.

Style Guide: Paint Color Inspiration – While white or light colors may seem like safe choices for exterior paint, many other suitable colors exist. Follow this link to get inspired.

Best Exterior Color Schemes – Are you stumped when it comes to choosing paint colors for the exterior of your home? Utilize the advice from this Better Homes and Gardens article to pick the perfect color scheme.

How to Paint Your House’s Exterior – Find out what professional painters know about exterior painting. This helpful guide will assist you in knowing how to prepare to paint, paint and clean up afterward.


Bathroom Remodel Resources

The bathroom is one place that guests will surely visit while in your home. Why not make it as attractive and inviting as possible? Browse the following resources to discover inspirational ideas and solid advice about bathroom remodeling.

Better Homes and Gardens: Bathroom Remodeling – No matter what your vision of a bathroom remodel is – a weekend freshen-up or a more serious overhaul – the information in this link can help you make it a reality.

13 Big Ideas for Small Bathrooms – Just because you’re stuck with a tiny bathroom doesn’t mean it has to appear that way. Check out these 13 big ideas that will help you create the illusion of a much larger space.

10 Best Bathroom Remodel Tips and Ideas – From Popular Mechanics comes this helpful article that can help you save some serious cash when remodeling your bathroom.

10 Beautiful Bathroom MakeoversCountry Living offers this collection of before and after photos featuring gorgeous bathroom makeovers. Check it out for inspiration.

135 Ideas to Make Any Bathroom Feel Like an At-Home Spa – Who wouldn’t enjoy a spa-like atmosphere in their bathroom? Follow the link to browse through helpful ideas for creating the perfect bathroom oasis.

Installing a New Bathroom – From bathroom remodel costs to installing a luxury shower, find all the information you need within this link from DIY advice.

Install a Bathroom Vanity with Sink – This step-by-step article with helpful pictures makes it easy for even a novice do-it-yourselfer to feel confident about installing a vanity and sink combo in the bathroom.


Kitchen Remodel Resources

Often called the “heart of the home,” the kitchen is a place where families and friends gather. No matter what shape your culinary space is in now, you can make it better with a simple décor update or undertake a completely new vision for your space.

Planning Guide: Kitchens – From HGTV, this guide breaks down a kitchen remodel into baby steps. Start out by discovering exactly what type of kitchen would serve your family best.

Best Budget Kitchen Renovation Resources – Use this helpful resource to aid you in finding the most bang for your kitchen remodeling buck, whether you’re seeking budget-friendly cabinets, flooring, appliances, countertops, sinks or fixtures.

How Much Does it Cost to Remodel a Kitchen? – Before you dive headfirst into a kitchen-remodeling project, you can view average costs by checking out this infographic from Home Advisor.

22 Amazing Kitchen Makeovers – Take the time to view these fabulous kitchen makeovers with before and after shots. You’ll be inspired and full of creative ideas in no time.

Top 10 Budget Kitchen and Bath Remodels – The goal here is to get a dream kitchen without overspending or exceeding your budget. Check out the link for some great ideas.

40 Inspiring Small Kitchens – While a tiny kitchen doesn’t give you much room to cook with your partner or entertain, it can still be an inviting and well-organized space. View 40 photos of the best small kitchen spaces you’ll ever see.

10 Kitchen Cabinet Tips – Installing cabinetry has its tips and tricks that will make the job go much more smoothly. Don’t tackle the task until you check them out.

The (Don’t Get Burned) Kitchen Remodeling Guide – Before embarking on a kitchen remodel, take the time to peruse this guide. It’s packed full of helpful tips that can save you valuable time and expense.


DIY Home Improvement Resources

Whether you’re looking to improve your existing DIY skills or you’re tired of having to put your home repairs in someone else’s hands, you’ve come to the right place to find the advice you need.

DIY Network – This resource offers plenty of DIY practical advice as well as the option to find projects according to budget needs.

Do it Yourself – Visit this award-winning site to find excellent how-to content, insightful features, and a well-moderated community forum targeted at do-it-yourselfers.

Houzz.com  – Houzz is a community of more than 40 million homeowners and professionals who are willing to help others. Here you will find countless photos of user’s home remodeling projects and the ability to connect or collaborate with someone who has the home improvement knowledge you seek.

HGTV – Have a project in mind? Visit this site to find out what it will take or to gain inspiration for your next storage or organization project.

Self Help and More – While not still owned by the original creators – who were experts in the electrical wiring field – this site still houses their articles regarding wiring, plumbing, building and more. In addition, you’ll find forums containing more than 12,000 unique threads with tons of posts.

Ask the Builder – Get DIY home improvement information you can trust from Tim Carter, an award-winning builder and national columnist.


Home Improvement Podcasts

If the option to learn about DIY projects and home décor without picking up a book or reading a magazine sounds intriguing, then you’ll surely enjoy listening to one or more of these top home improvement podcasts.

Today’s Homeowner – Home expert Danny Lipford uses his vast experience as a remodeling contractor to answer listener’s questions. The podcast also features interviews with other experts and celebrities.

Fix It Home Improvement – If your interests lie within listening to DIY home repair tips and advice on the products to complete them, look no further than this podcast.

The Money Pit Podcast – Join the entertaining and educational hosting duo known as Tom and Leslie as they answer listener’s questions about home improvement and décor.

The Handyguys Podcast – Handyguys Brian and Paul make it their mission to dispense helpful DIY explanations that are easy to understand.

Young House Love Has a Podcast – Married couple Sherry and John Petersik offer home improvement and design advice as well as interviews with designers, bloggers and TV personalities.

The Handyman Show – Meet Glenn Haege aka America’s Master Handyman whose goal is to provide listeners with easy-to-digest and accurate how-to advice.

Home Matters – Tune in to this podcast for all things related to home improvement and lifestyle, such as how to protect your backyard deck or choose food and wine pairings.


Home Improvement Blogs

Bloggers, especially those with tried-and-true experience in their chosen field, can be one of the best sources of inspiration and knowledge for their readers. Take some time to browse the following home improvement links and blog descriptions to find one that piques your interest.

Charles and Hudson – Bloggers and journalists alike agree that Charles and Hudson is one of the best home improvement blogs out there. Click the link to find out why.

Pretty Handy Girl  – Brittany, aka Pretty Handy Girl, is a licensed general contractor and do-it-yourselfer. Her blog offers detailed tutorials about all things home improvement and much more.

Homey Improvements – James and Alicia, owners who named their house “The Burrow” in a nod to Harry Potter, author this blog about making their amazing house homier. Check out their creative and helpful ideas.

DIY Show Off – Visit this blog to meet Roeshel who makes DIY Show Off her full-time career. Follow her journey of creativity, design, decorating and repurposing for your own inspiration.

Real Simple: Home Improvement – Discover a plethora of ideas that cover decorating, organizing, maintaining and repairing your home.

One Project Closer – Planning to complete a home remodel? Check out this blog that’s the brainchild of two married couples who share a common interest in trendy, creative remodeling with a budget in mind.