Guide to Hair Cutting Resources

At some point or another, just about every one of us has to get our hair cut, either by a professional or by our own hand. That is why we put together this big list of hair cutting resources. From tips to cutting hair at home to style and color inspiration, there should be more than enough information here to get you just the cut you want. There are also helpful links for professional hairstylists or those aspiring to the profession. Get clicking to learn all about the art of hair cutting!


General Hair Cutting Resources

This section is for those interested in learning general information about hair cutting, from useful terms to basic techniques.

Basic Techniques for Cutting Hair – Here is a simple introduction into the basics of cutting hair.

How to Get the Haircut You Want – Be “in the know” on salon hair cutting terminology by reading this article on common haircut term and what they mean.

Hair Cutting Foundations – A must-read for anyone hoping to master hair cutting, Sam Villa teaches the essentials tools of hair cutting through his informative videos and blog posts.

Basic Barbering Techniques – Barbering men’s hair requires a different set of skills than cutting women’s. Using step-by-step video guides, Greg Zorian walks a prospective barber through the basic steps of hair cutting.

What is my natural hair type? – Much of hair cutting and styling is determined by hair type. Head to this handy resource to determine what category your hair falls under.

How to Get the Best Haircut Ever – It’s not always easy to get just what you want out of a haircut, even when done by professionals. Use these tips to communicate exactly what it is that you want at the salon.

How to get the best possible haircut from your barber – Similar to the article above, this one focuses on helping men get what they want from their barber.

Salon Geek – Salon Geek is a large online community of hair stylists and salon professionals. Head here to network, get advise from the pros, or just peruse the huge range of forums.

Hair Cutting Techniques – Brush up on the lingo with this handy list of various common hair cutting techniques.


Home Hair Cutting Resources

Many people opt to save time and money by cutting their hair from the comfort of their own home. It can be a risky undertaking, but these links will prepare you for success in trimming your own, and your family’s, locks.

10 Top Tips for Gorgeous DIY Haircuts at Home – Cutting hair at home may sound a little daunting, but this article breaks down some hints and tips to make DIY haircuts successful.

5 DIY Haircuts to Try Today – Feeling bold enough to take on the cutting of your own hair at home? Here are some DIY haircut ideas to get you started.

How to Give Yourself a Haircut – For men especially, cutting their own hair at home can be a huge money and time-saver. This article will walk you through the steps to get a flawless cut all on your own.

Benefits of a DIY Haircut with Clippers – Once you’ve plunged into the world of men’s at home hair cutting, this website includes a list (and how-tos) for various different styles to try out on yourself with clippers, from beginners to advanced.

How to Cut your Kid’s Hair – Parents of small children know that a trip to the salon can be a costly and stressful undertaking. Instead, they can read this article that walks them through how to cute their kids’ hair, both boys and girls.

How to Cut Boys’ Hair Like a Pro – For those who learn best by watching, this article includes handy step-by-step photos for cutting a boys hair.


Coloring and Styling Resources

Browse the links below to get inspiration for your next hairstyle. Styles come and go, so use these links to keep up with the trends to always have fashionable tresses.

20 Haircuts that Never Go Out of Style – Hair styling is always at the whim of fashion, with trends coming and going throughout the year. But here is list of 20 fail-safe styles that always seem on-trend.

Instyle – Whether your are on the hunt for a new haircut, color inspiration or an updo style for a big event, is the resource for the largest selection of hairstyles on the internet.

Haircut Inspiration – For nearly limitless ideas for what to get done at your next men’s haircut, head to this site, with a huge library of style photos for men.

Celebrity Hairstyles – Many people like to base their haircut off of a celebrity whose look they admire. The Hair styler has a huge catalogue of celebrity hair photos that can be searched by gender or name.

The Right Hairstyles – This website has a large selection of various hairstyles divided by cut, style, length, color and more to help you find the perfect style for your hair.

What hairstyle is best for your face shape – If you want to know the perfect style to complement your face shape, take this quick online quiz.

Madison Reed Color Advisor – Looking for some advice on how to color your hair? Answer these questions to get an expert opinion on how to best color your hair.

Hair Color Resources – If you’re interested in learning about the various hair color product available, this website lists them all and includes information about each.


Professional Hair Cutting Resources

This section is for those who cut hair for a living, or who dream of doing so one day. These resources will keep you up to date, teach you new skills and connect you with the hair styling community.

How to Become a Hairstylist – Head here for a breakdown of the skills, education and licensing requirements needed to become a professional hairstylist.

Beyond the Chair – This website is a great resource for current or aspiring hair stylists – it has articles, step-by-step guides, education info and more.

Beauty Schools Directory – For anyone considering entering beauty school and interested in comparing their options, this website has a huge lists of schools, both online and in-person, and a comparison of beauty programs.

Modern Salon – Modern Salon is a magazine devoted to the professional hairstylist, covering education and trends.

10 Steps to Opening Your Own Hair Salon – If you feel ready to take your haircutting to the next level, here are some concrete steps to take to open up your very own haircutting business.

How to Run a Mobile Hairdressing Business – Rather than opening up a salon, some stylists opt to operate a mobile hair cutting business. Here are some tips on how to get started and run a successful mobile salon.

Professional Beauty Association – PBA is the foremost professional association for hairstylists. Resources include events, scholarships, industry news and more.

Confessions of a Hairstylist – Head to this fun YouTube channel for tutorials on updos and just a fun way to learn new tricks of the trade.

CosmoProf Continuing Education – Hair stylists always need to be learning to keep up with the latest trends. Use CosmoProf’s site to search by location to local upcoming classes and continuing education events.

Lockhart Meyer Salon Marketing – This website offers in-depth articles about marketing for a hair salon business, to attract and retain customers.


Hair Cutting History Resources

Hair fashion is constantly changing, as these resources demonstrate. Check them out to see the various styles through the ages, and try some of them out on your own hair.

The History of the World of Hair – From prehistory to modern styling, this website covers just about every time period through the lens of hair cutting and styling.

20 of the Most Famous Hairstyles Throughout History – Take a stroll down memory lane with some of the most iconic hair looks of all time.

Classic and Mod Locks – Taking a look just at men’s styles, this article outlines the history of barbering.

Hair History Books – If you’re interested in learning more about the history of hair, check out some of these titles all bout hair history.

Janet Stephens – On her YouTube Channel, Janet Stephens recreates ancient hairstyles on modern models and explains how she does it along the way.

100 Years of Beauty – This YouTube channel has fascinating time-lapse videos of models getting styled in all the hair fashions of the last century. There are also useful how-to videos to recreate the styles by yourself.

25 DIY Vintage Hairstyles – Here is a list of 25 DIY tutorials to help you do your own (or someone else’s hair) in an iconic style from the last 100 years.