Digital Photography Resource Guide

Taking photographs digitally has tons of advantages over the film cameras of yesteryear – from the ability to see the picture instantly to options for manipulating the shot. Unfortunately, you won’t get the best out of your digital camera if you just point and shoot. While that simple method will yield a photograph, the shot has the potential to be so much better with a little digital photography knowledge. Or perhaps you’ve already mastered the basics and you’re looking for the latest tips and tricks or even a bit of inspiration. Either way – novice or experienced – you’re sure to find this guide of 40+ resources helpful.


General Digital Photography Resources

Are you interested in earning money from your photos? Are you aware of your legal rights as a photographer? How about some trying out some creative photo assignments to help you improve your photography skills? Find information about all of the above and more in this resource section.

Photopreneur – Find out about new opportunities about earning from your photography through various markets no matter what your focus.

Photography Law – Bert P. Krages II, Attorney at Law, maintains this resource that details the rights of photographers according to the law. It’s a must-read for any serious photographer.

Digital Photography Review – Find authoritative content and reviews of digital cameras, gear and related software. The site also includes an open, active forum.

10 Photo Assignments to Inspire and Challenge Your Skills – Check out the 10 entertaining and creative photo exercises that will help you improve your photographic skills.


Digital Photography Resources for Novices

To move from a novice level to a more experienced photographer, you have to develop your skill. To that end, this section contains resources to help novice photographers broaden their knowledge with the ultimate goal of taking better pictures.

How to Take Better Pictures – Ken Rockwell, professional photographer with decades of experience to his credit, offers readers a series of articles that offer a wealth of knowledge to anyone who wants to learn how to take better pictures.

Photodoto – Anyone who is interested in learning and improving their photographic skills and passion will feel right at home with the community at Photodoto.

Photography Talk – 2.95 million members can’t be wrong. Find trusted tips, valuable lessons and plenty of new friends who share your photography interests.

Digital Photography School – This site, created by digital photography enthusiast Darren Rowse, contains simple tips that are targeted at the new to semi-experienced digital camera owner.

Strobist – Interested in taking your photos to the next level? Find out how by mastering the art of off-camera flash.

Photography Terminology: A Glossary of 71 Photographic Terms – Common technical terms, less common slang words and photographer jargon are what you’ll find here.

The Photo Argus – The novice or advanced photographer can find useful information, techniques and inspiration at The Photo Argus.

Expert Photography – Find images and visual aids in a flexible, free learning format that will help you understand the ins and outs of digital photography.

Digital Photography Technical Tips – Taking quality photos with a digital camera isn’t rocket science if you know about format, setting and resolution. Learn everything you need to know here.


Online Digital Photography Courses

Even if you’re awesome at some of the aspects of photography, it’s difficult to advance to the next level without some additional instruction and knowledge. Rather than investing in an expensive digital photography course, check out these free offerings below which range from brief to more in-depth choices.

Basics of Photography: The Complete Guide – This 5-part, free online course is perfect for anyone who’s just getting into photography. Best of all it’s self-paced, so you can learn when it works for you.

Intermediate Photography Course – This course is for photography enthusiasts who have mastered the basics and are ready for more challenging instruction. While the course is free, it’s not short due to its in-depth lesson format that covers capturing images in different settings, pop-up flash use and more.

Your Road to Better Photography – Udemy offers this free course containing 10 lectures and approximately half an hour of video content. Celebrity photographer, cinematographer and instructor Corey Reese covers natural light shots to long exposure shots and everything in between.

Photoshop and Lightroom for Photographers  – Once you’ve captured the perfect image, it’s time for post-processing. Enter Photoshop and Lightroom – two of Adobe’s most popular programs. Via this free online course, students can learn how to edit their photos to top-notch status.

The Art of Photography  – This short university-level course concerning the art of photography contains four modules with 10 videos as well as numerous quizzes and a final assessment. Best of all, it’s free.

Lectures on Digital Photography – This recently revised university-level course of digital photography, which covers basic material to extremely in-depth technical aspects, is an excellent choice for beginning to intermediate photographers. Enjoy the entire course free, courtesy of Professor Marc Levoy of Stanford University.


Digital Photography Blogs

Blogs can serve as excellent resource for all levels of photographers who are looking for advice on gear or the best photography tips and techniques. Browse the following links to find a blog that appeals to your situation.

DIY Photography – Find tutorials, DIY articles and reviews offering expert insight and advice that will help you choose the right gear and learn how to use it.

Popular Photography – This inspirational sight is packed with tutorials, reviews, news and stunning photos. Warning: The site’s “Photo of the Day” section may be habit forming.

The Online Photographer – This daily news website connects those with an interest in photography to the history, best practices, theory, legal issues and current events of the photographic field. – If your interests lie with nature photography, this blog delivers with its weekly advice on how to improve wildlife, landscape and floral photos.

Picture Correct – For some of the best information available on photography tips and techniques, make this well-established blog a favorite stop.


Digital Photography Magazines and News

While photography magazines aren’t exactly in short supply, free ones are. The links below will guide you to some of the most interesting and valuable free publications out there as well as resources for current photography news.

JPG Magazine – Husband-and-wife team Derek Powazek and Heather Powazek Champ launched the photography magazine JPG in 2004. Still going strong, it is published four times per year and is full of user-created content.

PetaPixel – For current photography news, this is a go-to site. It also offers helpful tutorials and reviews.

This Week in Photo – This easy-to-navigate and attractive site offers a weekly update on all things photography, including news, technique and technology.

Darkroom Pro Magazine – Designed specifically for the tablet platform, this free photography publication offers videos, graphics, audio interviews and plenty of helpful articles.

Monovisions – If black-and-white photography is your passion, then this blog is the answer to your prayers. Find news, interviews and vintage and contemporary black-and-white photos.


Digital Photography Podcasts

If don’t have a photography mentor who you can contact, a podcast is a great alternative. Check out the following options that will help you gain valuable insight and knowledge about various aspects of photography.

Photography Tips from the Top Floor – Chris Marquardt, photographic myth buster, hosts this weekly show that offers helpful tips for photographers.

The Martin Bailey Photography Podcast – Bailey’s podcast has been in effect since 2005. He has extensive knowledge related to photography and the business of photography, which he delivers to listeners in an easygoing style.

Photofocus    – Get your photography inspiration and education fix no matter if you’re a pro or amateur photographer.

The Grid – Photographers Scott Kelby and Matt Kloskowski host this live, interactive talk show about photography, Photoshop and other hot industry topics.

The B & H Photography Podcast – This podcast is targeted at the contemporary photographer who is interested in the insights from pros in a weekly conversation format.

Improve Photography Podcast – Discover a podcast that appeals to the beginning photographer as well as the professional due to its commitment to providing unique photography tips.

Photography 101 – Host Scott Wittenburg, a photography instructor and author helps listeners learn the secrets of taking better photographs such as camera settings, lighting and composition.

The Beginner Photography Podcast – This podcast is focused on the beginner who is eager to learn. Listen to hear interviews with pro photographers who share what they wish they would have known when starting out.


Online Digital Photography Communities

Online digital photography communities allow active users to become part of a cohesive group, find connections, build networks and receive feedback for posted work. Or one can simply visit the communities and observe without participating. Either way they are a valuable resource.

Hotshoe – If you’re looking for the world’s top black-and-white photography community, look no further. Hotshoe, with over 35,000 – and growing – black-and-white photos is a place where you can spend hours viewing the stunning images.

Your Shot  – This link takes you to National Geographic’s photo community, which allows users to submit their own shots for helpful feedback from Nat Geo’s editors. The best photos will appear on the National Geographic website or in its magazine.

Broken Light Collective – This community offers a safe and accepting photography-posting environment for photographers of any experience level who have a mental health challenge. It serves as an inspiration to others who may be experiencing similar challenges.

Flickr – Flickr serves as an online photo management and sharing application for people to make their photos available to others in an organized way