Cosmetology Resource Guide

As far back as the Ice Age, cosmetology was practiced via the creation of hair-cutting tools and ornaments fashioned from oyster shells, pieces of flint, bones and animal hides. Fast-forward to the advanced methods we use today, and it’s clear to see that cosmetology is an industry that has progressively evolved to the meet the modern beauty needs of society. Whether you’re a cosmetology instructor, a budding cosmetologist, a seasoned industry pro or you simply have an interest in this diverse and colorful field of beauty, you’re sure to find something interesting and useful within the 40 resource links in this guide.


General Cosmetology Resources

This section of general resources includes links to cosmetics and hairstylist information, facts and interviews.

Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary – If you’re wondering what type of ingredients are in your favorite blush or lipstick, check out this searchable dictionary from Paula Begoun, the Cosmetics Cop.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration: Cosmetics – Find cosmetics-related information from the FDA on guidance and regulation, products and ingredients, science and research and more.

Salon Professionals: Fact Sheet – Concerned about cosmetic product safety? Check out these FAQs and other resources from the FDA.

13 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Hairstylist – A very insightful article based on the experiences of Sarai Gillmore, a hairstylist in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

50 Influential Hairdressers: Innovators and Pioneers – From Modern Salon magazine comes this listicle of hair pros who have significantly impacted the haircuts, colors and styles we still use today.


Famous Cosmetologists

While this certainly isn’t an exhaustive list of famous cosmetologists, it’s a good place to start learning about those who have made their mark in the industry.

John Frieda – This English hair stylist has a following of famous celebrities who trust and endorse his famous hair care products.

Vidal Sassoon – The late Vidal Sassoon was a British hairdresser whose name and reputation reached international status.

Jose Eber – Still going strong, Jose Eber first began his career with the decades-ago opening of his salon in Beverly Hills, California.

Sally Hershberger – Hershberger is considered an international trendsetter and one of the most influential hairstylists in the world.

Jane Iredale – British born Jane Iredale introduced the first line of mineral cosmetics: Iredale Mineral Cosmetics.


Cosmetology Teaching Resources

While most cosmetology curriculum isn’t free, the following resources are some of the best no-cost cosmetology lessons and activities available online.

Cosmetology Jeopardy – Great for team-play review. Choose from categories such as thermal waving, base control and wet hairstyling.

Makeup and Face Shapes Lesson Plan – This lesson includes three activities complete with video clips, a PowerPoint slide show and more.

The Chemistry of Hair Care – Students will enjoy the hands-on activities in this lesson that teach them about the chemistry of hair care and why hair care product types matter so much.

Hair Coloring Practices – This 58-page guide has information and lessons on color theory, product formulations, color wheels, level charts, precautions and client procedures.


Cosmetology Study Resources

Dreading an upcoming cosmetology exam? Check out the following free resources to help you prepare to take the test with confidence.

Cosmetology Practice Flash Cards – A study set with 38 terms to help students practice for an upcoming cosmetology exam.

Cosmetology Safety Practices – Check out this YouTube video that details important safety practices for anyone working in the cosmetology field.

Cosmetology Safety Test  – Take this 14-term test to see if you can recall the different cosmetology safety practices.

Cosmetology State Board Practice Quiz – This 50-question, multiple-choice quiz is a good practice resource for aspiring cosmetologists to utilize before they take the state board exam.

Cosmetology Practice Test – This practice test is different because it includes actual questions from past state board exams.


Cosmetology Organizations

Joining a cosmetology organization offers members different and valuable networking and educational opportunities that are difficult to obtain elsewhere.

The Professional Beauty Association – The PBA offers information on becoming a cosmetologist as well as networking opportunities with others.

American Association of Cosmetology  – Anything you want to know about becoming a cosmetologist – certification, licensing, scholarships – you can find on this site.

Association of Cosmetology Salon Professionals – Students of cosmetology use this site as a go-to for rules and regulations of salons. The site also offers information on licensing and certification.

Associated Skin Care Professionals – Find the most current information about skin treatments as well as information on continuing education classes.

The American Board of Certified Hair Colorists – The mission of this organization is to promote the credibility of professional hair colorists via the development of standardized criteria for hair colorist certification.

Associated Hair Professionals – AHP provides comprehensive liability insurance and other support resources for pro hairstylists and barbers.

International Pedicure Association – Modern pedicurists everywhere can benefit from this educational support network that goes beyond basic education.


Cosmetic Industry Magazine Resources

These free industry magazine resources are based on topics such as hair, personal care and business and marketing information.

Happi – Information on personal care and household products are featured here as well as other industry topics.

GCI Magazine – This magazine offers helpful business and marketing tips for people working in the cosmetic industry.

Skin Inc. Magazine – Spa and wellness professionals typically enjoy this industry publication, but it’s of interest to anyone working in skin care.

Modern Salon – Find out what trends stylists are currently following. This publication offers great insights for cosmetic chemists or beauty product entrepreneurs.


Cosmetology Blogs

Find interviews, tips, techniques, tutorials, research, photos and more relating to cosmetology in this selection of beauty blogs.

The Beauty Brains – This blog is written by a group of cosmetic scientists who strive to help the average person understand the science and advertising of cosmetics.

Confessions of a Cosmetologist – This blog is authored by a cosmetologist who owns her own salon. Discover plenty of helpful information regarding hair, skin, nails and makeup.

The Beauty Department – Think of this blog as a marriage between a pro glam squad and the average woman. Here, you’ll find tons of photo and video beauty tutorials as well as beauty product reviews.

Pro Beauty Blog – Enjoy interviews, reviews and tutorials on this blog. Exciting, free giveaways also occur.

Cosmetology Life – If you’re a cosmetology student or a new hairstylist, you’ll likely enjoy the insider tips and techniques offered to help you create a successful beauty career.

My Life as a Hairstylist – Hairstylist Michael Levine started his career in 1993 and has developed himself into a successful multi-salon owner. Find out more about his journey on this blog.


Cosmetology Podcasts

The following podcasts can help you learn about makeup, skin care, hairstyling and more. All you have to do is listen.

Beauty Talk – Makeup artist twins, Janice and Denise Tunnell host this weekly podcast that offers beauty news, celebrity guest interviews and important discussions about the beauty industry.

This Week in Makeup – Join host and co-founder Crystal as she shares her passion for makeup products and artistry with leaders in the industry as her guide.

Ask the Beauty Advisor   – Health and beauty news, products and interviews are what you’ll find on this podcast that answers listeners’ beauty and health-related questions.

Skin Care Talk Radio – Ready to enhance your skin care knowledge? Take advantage of this podcast that features the advice of experts in the field.