Coffee Enthusiast Resource Guide

While many people enjoy the rich aroma and taste of a freshly brewed cup of java first thing in the morning, some are more serious about this strong, black brew. In fact, there’s a whole world of coffee enthusiasts that compose a distinct “coffee culture” that has its own set of coffee-inspired beliefs, values and practices. Find out more about the world of coffee and all that it entails by browsing 40 of the best coffee-related resources online. Learn how to grow your own coffee beans, broaden your horizons with a different brewing method, discover a mouthwatering coffee recipe, entertain yourself with a caffeinated podcast and much, much more.


General Coffee Resources

Find bursting-at-the-seams coffee forums, a detailed java timeline, an explanation of different types of coffee drinks, an entertaining coffee bean game and more in this section of general resources.

Home Barista – If you want to participate in an active forum with a focus on espresso, check out this one.

Coffee Geek – With over 88,000 threads, this forum can keep coffee enthusiasts busy for more time than it takes to enjoy a cup of joe.

U.S. Coffee Championships – Interested in participating in the U.S. Coffee Championships? Check out this official site for more details.

12 Different Types of Coffee Explained – Find out the differences between 12 espresso-based drinks so you can order with confidence the next time you get coffee.

Coffee Timeline – This timeline explores the history of coffee beginning with its discovery in 600 CE/AD and ending with the 100th anniversary of the founding of the National Coffee Association.

Coffee Bean Solitaire Game  – In this digital game, the player that can make 31 moves and leave the last bean in the center hole is the champ.


Coffee Bean Resources

The coffee bean. So small, yet so very important to the overall flavor of brewed coffee. Find out how to buy these little treasures and get the most out of them.

How to Buy Gourmet Coffee Beans – This article details everything you need to know when purchasing gourmet coffee beans.

Growing Coffee Beans at Home – Discover how to grow your own coffee beans. From obtaining coffee cherries or greens to harvesting the beans from the plant, the complete process is explained.

How to Get More Flavor Out of Coffee Beans  – Find out the one thing you can do to get more flavor out of coffee beans in this article from

Coffee Buying Guide – This coffee buying guide from Consumer Reports details the two main beans used for coffee and what each type of roasting category means.


Coffee Brewing Resources

Whatever brewing method you’re using now, there might be one that will yield a better cup of coffee. Explore different ways to brew coffee below.

How to Brew Coffee – Follow the link to discover brewing essentials for making the perfect classic cup of coffee.

A Guide to Different Methods of Coffee Brewing – Find information on the automatic drip machine, pour-over, French press, vacuum pot and Aero Press.

Cold Brew Common Mistakes – Cold brew coffee requires a different method than hot brews. Find out how to avoid the pitfalls.

How to Make French Press Coffee – Discover everything you need to know about making French press coffee within this handy little guide.

How to Brew Coffee in an AeroPress – An AeroPress is a coffee brewing device that doesn’t require any electricity but, according to its advocates, yields a superb cup of coffee.

How to Brew Great Coffee: The Pour-Over Method – Lovers of the pour-over method liken their fresh-brewed cup to one from an automatic drip machine . . . but better.

How to Brew Coffee in a Siphon or Vacuum Brewer – Welcome to a world where brewing coffee is somewhat like conducting a science experiment.


Coffee Trade Organizations and Magazines

Learn about the two major coffee associations in the U.S. as well as the available online magazines that are based on coffee.

Fresh Cup Magazine – This online magazine has devoted over 20 years to the coverage of specialty coffee and tea stories and has garnered international readership.

National Coffee Association – The NCA has existed since 1911, which makes it one of the oldest trade associations in the United States. Visit the site to learn about coffee, become a member and more.

Specialty Coffee Association of America – The SCA has members all over the globe, such as coffee farmers, baristas and roasters. It helps to raise the standards of coffee growing and making.

Barista Magazine     – This bimonthly industry publication offers its electronic version for free and is a perfect read for baristas and coffeehouse owners.

CoffeeTalk Magazine – Roasters and large businesses are the primary targets of this magazine because its focus is on the big business side of coffee.


Coffee Recipes

Coffee isn’t just for filling a cup. Instead, it’s a sought-after ingredient in plenty of interesting and tasty dessert and entrée recipes.

Folger’s Coffee Recipes – How does coffee and cinnamon fudge sound? How about a creamy peppermint coffee? Follow this link to find these and other yummy coffee-based recipes for delightful drinks and desserts.

15 Easy Coffee Drinks – Does Black Magic coffee sound intriguing? If it does, you’ll probably love at least one coffee drink recipe on this list.

Mr. Coffee Recipes – From the famous brand of Mr. Coffee comes this list of cold and hot coffee beverage recipes.

21 Ways to Use Coffee – Recipes for drinks, desserts and main entrees are what you will find in this link from Bon Appétit’s digital edition. Coffee-rubbed ribeye, anyone?

7 Savory Ways to Add Coffee to Your Dinner     – Check out these seven interesting ways to add coffee beans or grounds to your main meal.

10 Recipes That Use Leftover Coffee – Find out ways to use the brewed coffee sitting in your coffeepot so you don’t have to pour it down the drain.


Coffee Blogs

The following coffee blogs offer a little something for almost everyone. In them, you can learn about the best places to get a cup of coffee worldwide or keep yourself updated on the latest coffee news.

Dear Coffee, I Love You – Enjoy published articles, commentary and reviews focused on high quality coffee within this blog established in 2009.

The Coffee Compass  – Check out this blog for plenty of information about the world of craft coffee – from the best way to brew it to the best craft coffee shops around the globe.

Frsh Grnd – Find out about people all over the globe who make great coffee, where you can find them and what the blog author’s experience was when visiting with them.

Sprudge – Enjoy reading about the world’s latest and greatest coffee news, events, interviews and more.

Coffeetographer – Via this blog by Chermelle Danicea Edwards, readers can enter the world of “coffee as a culture.”

Coffee Detective – Recipes, reviews and plenty of coffee facts abound on this blog authored by Nick Usborne.

Coffee Nate – Nate Smith, aka Coffee Nate, absolutely adores coffee and wants his readers to feel the same way. He provides video tutorials, product reviews and plenty of helpful commentary.

Make Good Coffee – Marc Wortman is a favorite among coffee enthusiasts due to his impressive coffee knowledge, such as what’s needed to make a good cup.


Coffee Podcasts

From learning about owning a coffeehouse to discovering interesting information about the world of coffee, these podcasts will keep you entertained and informed.

I Brew My Own Coffee – Join Brian Beyke and Bryan Schiele as they share their coffee knowledge in an enjoyable podcast format.

Audio Cafe  – This podcast is of interest to people in the coffee industry and people who appreciate coffee. Learn from Levi Anderson what it takes to open your own coffeehouse.

Cat and Cloud – Jared Truby and Chris Baca host this funny and informative podcast that focuses on the specialty coffee industry.

Coffee Awesome – Bjørg Brend Laird, co-founder of Supersonic Coffee in Berkley, CA, hosts this appealing podcast that details her encounters with people of the coffee world.