When it comes to bathroom hygiene, most North Americans are fine with using up lots and lots of toilet paper, which is not particularly environmentally friendly, and also not very gentle on the bum! A bidet attachment thoroughly cleans and leaves the user feeling refreshed without the need for piles of toilet paper. The ReviewLab team has put together this in-depth guide to help you narrow down the best option for your bathroom and behind. We looked at several options including toilet seat attachments, non-mechanicals bidets, and handheld options. Our useful buying guide will give you a sense of what needs to be considered when purchasing this type of item, like compatibility with your toilet, and water temperature options. We’ve selected our favorite options for which you’ll find individual reviews below to make your selection process easier. Read more about our methodology.

Best Overall


The LUXE Bidet Neo 320 wins a spot as the best overall pick. It’s a well-priced unit that offers both cold and hot water temperature options. It’s less expensive than a full electric seat model, and since it doesn’t require power, it’s easy to install regardless of where your toilet is positioned.

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Unlike our top pick, the Yegu Bidet Attachment doesn’t feature dual nozzle construction, but it still features both hot and cold-water temps and is made of quality materials that won’t break down quickly over time. Being non-electric, install is simple as well.

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Best Value


The Joy Bidet C-1 model is an inexpensive option for users who are looking to cut down on toilet paper use and save some money in the process. The simple design is paired with an efficient cleaning performance that rivals more expensive units.

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The Astor Bidet CB-1000 is an affordable model that’s easy to use thanks to its simple controls. It has a more utilitarian design than our top budget pick, but it cleans just as thoroughly thanks to a nice amount of water pressure.

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Bidet Attachments BUYING GUIDE



    Some bidet attachments may tend to look a bit geriatric, so the design is quite important, especially for those who want to create a luxurious bathroom space. You don’t want your new bidet attachment to stick out like a sore thumb. Non-electric models tend to look clunkiest in their design, but some brands sell sleek looking models with stainless steel accents. Toilet seat bidets often have more stylish designs, but you’ll want to make sure you choose an option that matches the size and color of your bathroom to avoid a mismatched look. The most elegant bidet solution is a handheld option, usually designed with quality, eye-catching materials. They will easily blend into any bathroom décor.



    You’ll want to make sure that whatever attachment you pick will fit with your current toilet. Make sure the seat and toilet bowl are the right shapes to accommodate your new bidet unit. Most non-electric attachments will easily fit on any toilet, but some require an elongated design for compatibility. If you’re planning on purchasing a unit that requires hot water hookups, make sure the hot water is accessible. Likewise, electric toilet seats will need a power source so think about where the power outlets are placed in your bathroom.


    Hot Water Option

    Fancier options will give the user a choice to adjust the temperature from cold to hot. Hooking up the attachment to hot water may be a bit more time-consuming, and, if you live in a warmer climate, hot water is not 100% necessary. For those with particularly cold winters, though, a hot water option is a definite luxury when waking on a cold morning in December. Consider your location before deciding whether a hot water option is necessary.


    Extra Features

    Higher end models, particularly those that are electric, will offer more features like air drying, seat heating, and pre-misting. If you want to achieve a spa-like experience in your bathroom fancier bidet models may be a perfect choice. For those only looking to reduce toilet paper use and enhance bathroom hygiene will find that most basic models do an equally effective job.


    The most basic bidet attachments will offer coldwater-only sprays and will usually have some kind of pressure adjustment. These basic non-electric models are easy to attach to your existing toilet and usually cost under $30. Higher-end non-electric attachments will cost between $50-$70. Handheld sprayers are priced similarly in the range of $35-$60 depending on the material used. Bidet toilet seats usually have more features, require electricity, and can cost upwards of $500.

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Best Overall


LUXE Bidet Neo 320

The quality construction and easy to use design of the LUXE Bidet Neo 320 make it our choice for best overall. The bidet attachment offers the option for hot and cold water temperatures, comes with a feminine wash feature, and features self-cleaning dual nozzles. Because it’s non-electric, installation is relatively straightforward and no fuss. It’s well priced for such a functional bidet attachment and provides a refreshingly clean wash experience.

  • 94overall
  • 95quality
  • 83value
  • 94brand

Why We Recommend It

  • Comfortable, warm water option. This bidet allows the user to choose between hot or cold-water temperatures.
  • Easy to install. Reviewers feel the non-electrical bidet attachment is simple to install.
  • Accurate aim. The unit has dual nozzles and features a gentler feminine wash option. Reviewers feel the device’s stream is well positioned for optimal cleaning.
  • Hygienic construction. The nozzles of the bidet retract when not in use to prevent splash contamination. Metal and ceramic parts clean easily and are durable.
  • Easy to use. The water pressure and temperature allow the user to customize their cleaning experience.
  • Cleans effectively. Users like that the bidet works as advertised and thoroughly cleans.

Other Considerations

  • Hot water install may take a bit more time. You may find connecting the hot water a little bit more complicated depending on your home plumbing set up.

Yegu Bidet Attachment

Our second choice for best overall is the Yegu Bidet Attachment. Unlike our top pick, it doesn’t feature a dual nozzle construction and lacks the option for feminine wash. It's still a very capable bidet option. It cleans well, allows for hot water use, and is made from quality materials that won’t easily break down or rust. A self-cleaning retractable nozzle ensures every spray is free from residue and germs.

  • 92overall
  • 93quality
  • 87value
  • 90brand

Why We Recommend It

  • Cleans well. Reviewers like that the bidet cleaned thoroughly. It’s angled correctly and provides a reliable stream that leaves the user feeling refreshed. The nozzle retracts to ensure each wash cycle is sanitary.
  • Easy to install. The non-electric attachment doesn’t require a power source so installing it is simple enough since there’s no need for an outlet nearby.
  • Cleans with hot or cold water. The user can quickly adjust the temperature of the water. This ensures each person using the bidet is comfortable when washing.
  • High-quality construction. The bidet attachment is made using ceramic and metal valves to ensure durability.

Other Considerations

  • Hot water attachment is trickier to figure out. Connecting the hot water may be a bit tricky depending on each person’s unique bathroom set up.
  • Some reviewers feel the controls take some getting used to. The controls are not intuitive and require a bit of practice to master.

Best Value


Joy Bidet C-1

The budget-friendly Joy Bidet C-1 attachment is a basic model that cleans just as well as more expensive bidets. A strong water stream provides effective cleaning and an intuitive pressure control dial requires no learning curve. The nozzle is protected from splash back when not in use to ensure proper hygiene at all times and getting it setup requires very little time at all.

  • 95overall
  • 94quality
  • 98value
  • 93brand

Why We Recommend It

  • Budget-friendly. The affordable non-electric bidet attachment works just as well as pricier models. The unit is backed by a generous 12-month warranty.
  • Cleans effectively. Reviewers feel the single retractable nozzle of this model provides a thorough wash.
  • Easy to use. Users can adjust the water pressure to suit their needs with the use of a basic control dial. Just adjust the dial to change the strength of the cold-water stream.
  • Good water pressure. Reviewers find the stream powerful enough even on the lower pressure setting.
  • Installation is simple. Reviewers like how easy it is to attach and use the bidet. Cold-water hookup is no fuss, and the model fits most toilets.

Other Considerations

  • No hot water option. The bidet does not offer temperature adjustment, but most find the lack of hot water isn’t a deal breaker at all. In fact, a cold-water stream is much more refreshing.
  • Tends to leak. Some reviewers complain about the fact that unit leaks from time to time.
  • Not as durable as more expensive models. Plastic construction means that this unit is not as resistant to wear.

Astor Bidet CB-1000

The Astor Bidet BC-1000 is a budget-friendly option that’s as easy to use as it is to install. It offers a comparable cleaning experience to more expensive bidet attachments. Users can control the pressure of the water, and when the device is not being used, the spray nozzle retracts to keep things sanitary. Backed by a 1-year warranty, it’s an excellent choice for first-time bidet users who are unsure about this method of cleaning.

  • 93overall
  • 93quality
  • 97value
  • 91brand

Why We Recommend It

  • Simple to install. Reviewers find the bidet easy to attach and install. It’s simple to get started with right away.
  • Decent water pressure. Reviewers like the amount of water pressure delivered by this unit. The stream is strong enough to clean well.
  • Cleans effectively. Adjustable pressure allows users to customize the strength of the stream. Reviewers don’t mind the fact that the device is cold-water only citing the water spray as refreshing.
  • Hygienic construction. The nozzle of the bidet retracts when not in use to ensure it stays clean.
  • Affordable. The price is just right. The device works as advertised and even comes with a 1-year warranty.

Other Considerations

  • Angle isn’t perfect for all. The angle of the device is not adjustable, so it may not aim correctly for some users.
  • Not super aesthetically pleasing. The design isn’t particularly sleek or streamlined and may not suit all tastes.
  • Dial a bit hard to move. Some reviewers find that the dial is a bit stiff at first and moving it takes a bit more effort than one might think.


Best Toilet Seat Bidet Attachment

why buy?

Toilet seat bidet attachments offer up the most amount of features but tend to be a little pricier than simple mechanical attachments since they have electrical components. They can be controlled via remote control or a side button pane

Toilet seat bidet attachments offer up the most amount of features but tend to be a little pricier than simple mechanical attachments since they have electrical components. They can be controlled via remote control or a side button panel. They rinse and dry your bottom, and offer a bevy of customization options. 

Top Pick

TOTO Washlet C100 Bidet Toilet Seat

The TOTO Washlet C100 Bidet Seat is a feature-rich bidet attachment option for those who want a unit that offers a bit of extra luxury. The aesthetically pleasing design will look good in your bathroom and comes with convenient extras like air-drying, a heated seat, and varying angles for accurate cleaning. The electric bidet uses hot or cold water and the pressure of the stream is easily customizable by the user.

  • 88overall
  • 93quality
  • 51value
  • 87brand

Why We Recommend It

  • Sleek design. The bidet toilet seat features an elegant design that easily blends into bathroom décor.
  • Feature rich. The attachment provides a super customizable washroom experience. The water temperature is adjustable, water pressure can be changed as desired, an air deodorizer feature is included, and the air dryer and heated seat options make the seat even more luxurious.
  • Adjustable nozzle position. The dual action nozzles on this bidet can be adjusted to accommodate different users. The bidet is suitable for front and rear cleaning. Also, the nozzles are self-cleaning for a more hygienic experience.
  • Works very well. Users enjoy the effectiveness of the bidet paired with the added features, which enhance comfort.
  • Affordable toilet seat attachment option. Most other bidet seat attachments are rather expensive. This unit provides a bevy of features at an attractive price point.
  • Comfortable seat. Reviewers feel the seat is comfortable and particularly like the heated seat feature.
  • Practical dryer function. The dryer features three temperature levels and reviewers like how well it dries after using the bidet water stream.

Other Considerations

  • Nozzle angle needs to be adjusted each time. There is no memory function so each time you use the bidet, you’ll need to choose your desired nozzle position anew.
  • The small-sized opening may reduce comfort for some. The opening of the bidet is smaller than most traditional toilet seats, and some reviewers find the sizing a bit cramped.
  • Loud fan. The deodorizer and drying feature utilizes a fan that some reviewers find a bit noisy.

Smart Bidet SB-1000 Electric Bidet Seat

The Smart Bidet SB-1000 Electric Bidet Seat is a well-priced bidet seat option that offers an excellent array of features. A variety of nozzle angles and water pressure options means the unit provides an ultra customizable experience. The electric seat attachment provides the option for either cold, warm, or hot water, and a seat heater can keep the user’s bottom warm even on cold winter days.

  • 87overall
  • 90quality
  • 58value
  • 90brand

Why We Recommend It

  • Convenient feminine nozzle angle. The bidet attachment features five nozzle angles so users can get the most out of the cleaning experience.
  • Controls are easy to get used to. Users can control the water pressure with five settings, and they can choose between 3 water temperatures, various nozzle angles, and five air-dry settings.
  • Great price. The bidet is priced reasonably considering its feature-rich design.
  • Seat heater works as advertised. Reviewers really like how comfortable the seat heater feels.
  • Self-cleaning nozzle. The nozzle of the unit retracts to ensure it stays clean and build-up doesn’t occur.

Other Considerations

  • The seat is a little bulky. A little bulkier than our top pick for this category, users find this bidet option looks a bit clunky when installed atop most toilet bowls.
  • The dryer isn’t very efficient. The dryer option is a nice bonus, but reviewers seem to feel it takes too long to work efficiently, even on the highest setting.
  • The remote control isn’t always responsive. Instead of a side control panel, this unit utilizes a remote control, which isn’t always quick to respond to commands.

Best Handheld Bidet Attachment

why buy?

Handheld bidet attachments give the user more control over aim and pressure. These types of bidets are more simplistic than pricier models since they usually only offer cold water spray and the ability to adjust the pressure. Still, these types of bidet attachments provide maximum maneuverability. They also tend to offer sleeker designs allowing them to blend in seamlessly into a bathroom.

Top Pick

SmarterFresh Handheld Bidet Sprayer

The SmarterFresh Handheld Bidet Sprayer gives ultimate control to the user. Easy to attach and use right away, this handheld option is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. It can be easy wielded making it an excellent choice for caregivers. Its basic design makes it a breeze to use, just requiring a press of the handle to increase or decrease water pressure.

  • 94overall
  • 95quality
  • 93value
  • 91brand

Why We Recommend It

  • Pressure is controlled with a simple press. The user is the one in control the strength of the water stream. Adjust the grip on the handle to control the pressure of the wash.
  • Easy to use. No frills construction makes this bidet attachment easy to use. Just press to clean.
  • Easy to maneuver. With this handheld option, you have complete control over the angle of the wash. There’s no need to shift around on your toilet seat to ensure you get the water stream to hit you correctly.
  • Easy to install. Reviewers like that the unit is easy to attach.
  • Nice amount of water pressure. The pressure is adjustable, and reviewers feel the stream is strong enough without being uncontrollable.
  • Elegant design compared to other types of bidet attachments. A sleek modern design and quality build materials make this bidet an attractive bathroom addition. The sturdy construction of the bidet is backed by a Lifetime warranty.

Other Considerations

  • Lacks fancy features of other models. This bidet only sprays cold-water and doesn’t have the bells and whistles of other models, but this makes it easy to use.