Ultimate Automotive Resource Guide

Perhaps you’re a weekend mechanic who likes tackling do-it-yourself car maintenance and repair tasks. Or maybe you’re not the type to grab a wrench, but you enjoy keeping up with the news and events in the evolving auto industry. Whether your interest is hands-on or hands-off, you’re sure to find plenty of worthwhile information within this guide packed with over 40 handpicked resources such a car selling and buying information, online auto tutorials and magazines, the best in automotive blogs and podcasts and more.


General Automotive Resources

Within this general resources section, you’ll find information on the history of automobiles, influential people in the industry, car facts and automotive terms.

Automotive Term Glossary – Check out this alphabetized glossary of automotive terms. No matter what condition, part or repair you want to define, you can find it here.

History of Automobiles – Interested in the roots of the automobile? Visit this link to read the auto’s interesting history and view a few relevant videos.

The 10 Most Influential People in the Automotive Industry – Discover pictures and information on the some of the current movers and shakers of the auto industry here.

59 Facts about Cars – Did you know 95 percent of a car’s life is spent in a parking spot? Follow the link and enjoy 58 more interesting facts about cars.


DIY Automotive Maintenance Resources

There are plenty of simple jobs that you can accomplish without having to contact an auto repair shop. Find out what they are and how to do them below.

16 Tools to Get You Started Working on Your Own Car – If you’re interested in taking the do-it-yourself route when it comes to your car, find out which basic tools you’ll need.

How to Change Your Oil – Save some money by learning how to change your own oil with this video and article with pictures.

How to Change a Tire Safely and Quickly – This step-by-step guide details 31 steps for changing a tire. With this guide, you don’t need another resource.

How to Replace Spark Plugs  – Spark plugs help your car run smoothly and get better gas mileage. Find out what it takes to change them.

How to Change a Car Battery – This do-it-yourself task is one of the easiest ones to tackle. Find out how to do like a pro.

How to Replace Windshield Wiper Blades – This video and article will give you the know-how and confidence to change your car’s worn-out or damaged wiper blades.

How to Put Air in Your Car Tires – Sure, it seems easy enough to put air in car tires. Yet, there are things you need to know before you grab the air hose.


Car Buying Resources

Buying a car doesn’t have to be a time consuming hassle. Learn about your options in this section.

8 Steps to Buying a New Car – If you’ve never purchased a new car before or you feel there is room for improvement due to the outcome of your last purchase, check out this article.

Dealer vs. Private Party Purchases – Discover the pros and cons of buying a car from a dealer vs. buying a car from a private individual.

Used Car Buying Guide – This comprehensive guide from Consumer Reports offers plenty of helpful advice such as choosing and buying a used car as well as how to avoid a lemon.

New Car Buying Guide – This guide from Consumer Reports details how to choose a car that’s right for you, how to negotiate a deal, what to do once you’ve purchased the car and much more.

Top 10 Car-Buying Apps – Make locating and getting the best deal on your next vehicle a snap with one of these car-buying apps.

Secret Tricks of Car Salesman  – Find out the tricks car salesmen use to get you to sign on the dotted line by reading this interview of a retired car salesman.


Car Selling Resources

Being informed can help you get the most for your car when you sell it. Utilize the resources below to get pricing information, tips on boosting value and links to essential paperwork.

Kelley Blue Book – Utilize the tools on this site to check on what you could sell your car for when dealing with private party.

Selling Your Car: Resources – Think of this as an A to Z resource guide for selling your car. Whatever you’re interested in learning about regarding this topic, it’s here.

8 Easy Ways to Boost Your Car’s Value – If you’re planning to sell your car, does an extra $300 to $500 sound good to you? If so, discover eight ways you can boost your car’s value.

Paperwork When Selling a Car – From the DMV.org comes a page with links to each state to help you find the paperwork you need to have when selling a car.

True Car – Find out what others in your area have paid for a car that’s similar to yours, so you can find out what sale price would be reasonable.

NADA Guide – This guide will help you determine a good asking price for a vehicle you’re planning to sell.


Online Automotive Tutorials

Whether you want to save money on car repairs or you simply enjoy working on your vehicle, the following resources will help you get the job done.

Tutorials – Do It Yourself Car Repair – Take advantage of free tutorials regarding body damage, fluids, exhaust, tuning and more.

Car Tech Tutorials and Resources – Lifewire.com provides these tutorials and other resources that help you make sense of your vehicle’s technology.

The 1A Auto Video Library – This auto repair video library contains over 3,000 helpful videos that you can search for by vehicle make, model and year.

Car Talk’s Do-It-Yourself Guide – These articles for DIY car repair enthusiasts are nicely cataloged so that you can find the information you need quickly.


Automotive Publications

Browse this section to discover the different automotive publications that offer timely news and information.

Automotive – In this online magazine, you’ll find high-quality articles, vibrant photographs and much more covering everything automotive.

Automotive News – Find news about everything concerning the auto industry such as auto shows, auto brand news, special reports, opinions and more.

Super Street Magazine – From Aston Martin to Rolls Royce, this magazine features articles and information about European car models.

Dub Magazine – This magazine, founded in 2000, covers urban custom car culture as well as celebrities and their vehicles.


Automotive Blogs

Learn about the latest information and news in the automotive industry via one of these top-notch blogs.

Motor Trend  – If you love knowing about what’s trending in the auto industry, this blog should be your go-to.

Car Gurus – Interested in the latest tips and tricks relating to the car industry? Check out this blog, which also offers news and informational posts.

Top Speed – Visit this blog to learn about up-and-coming and recently revealed cars, car industry news, the newest car parts and more.

The Truth about Cars – For news about all things happening in the car industry, check out this blog. You’ll find auto reviews, advice, news and more.


Automotive Podcasts

The following podcasts can help you get your automotive fix whether your interest is industry news, car advice or a suggestion for your next vehicle purchase.

Car Stuff – Hosts Scott and Ben examine all things automotive in this podcast by HowStuffWorks.com.

The Automotive Hour – As an expert technician and experienced auto repair shop owner, host Louis Altazan shares his knowledge with callers.

The Smoking Tire  – This weekly 90-minute show covers auto industry news, projects, racing and other related topics.

Everyday Driver Car Debate  – Hosts Paul Schmucker and Todd Deeken make it their mission to help each caller find the best car for their situation.

Under the Hood – Enjoy this lively and fun podcast that offers car talk and advice from the Motor Medics.