Ultimate Audiophile Resource Guide

Well-versed audiophiles will tell you that hearing their favorite song on a high-performance system is like no other audio experience — an astounding listening experience that can only be achieved with the right equipment. As an audiophile you know — or you’ll soon discover — there’s always something else to learn to enhance your audio-related knowledge. Check out this guide filled with nearly 40 free and interesting resources that can help you learn what’s hot in audio gear, direct you to a social community with kindred interests, assist you in locating that LP you’ve dreaming about and so much more.


General Audiophile Resources

This general resources section is as good a place to start as any. Entertain yourself with a digital library dedicated to media history, a collection of unique sounds, a list of audiophile societies and much more.

Media History Digital Library – Browse for free through millions of pages of magazines and books related to the history of film, broadcasting and recorded sound.

List of Audiophile Societies – Interested in joining an audiophile society? Follow the link to see if there’s one near you. While you’re there, you can get all the important details for each society.

Stereophile – Audiophiles will love poring over the pages of this online publication, which includes gear-related reviews, tips and much more.

Stereo Times: The Complete Audiophile Magazine – Enjoy record reviews, gear reviews and an annual most wanted list from the publication’s writers.

British Library: Sounds – Here you’ll discover a huge collection of unique sound recordings covering a wide range of sounds like music, oral history, wildlife and environmental sounds.

The Absolute Sound – This site features a digital magazine full of helpful content. It also houses excellent audio-related reviews and guides.

The Poor Audiophile   – Click the link to find audio reviews, news, opinions and best-of guides concerning hi-fi audio under five grand.

Average Joe Audiophile – Not everyone has the cash to spend on high-end equipment. If that’s you, take a look at this blog that helps you find the best entry-level speakers. There’s also a related Reddit community at https://www.reddit.com/r/BudgetAudiophile/.


History of Sound Resources

Take a step back into the past and learn about the history of sound and how it has evolved by checking out the following links.

Early Sound Recording Collection and Sound Recovery Project – From The Smithsonian comes this fact sheet that details the early history of recorded sound, the recovery of sound and more.

Digital History – Follow the link to read about how sound became a part of movies in Hollywood during the 1920s.

Revolutions in Sound Recording  – This free 12-hour course from Open Learn focuses on the sound recording industry — from Edison to the current time.

History and Types of Loudspeakers – While you can visit the Edison Tech Center in person if you’re in or around Schenectady, New York, you can also click on the link to quickly find out about engineering pioneers of history.

First Sounds – What if there was a place where you could go online to listen to humanity’s earliest sound recordings? This is it! Listen to recordings before 1860 — and after — on the site.


Vinyl Resources

In case you didn’t know, vinyl is making a comeback, which opens up a whole new listening experience. Even if you have your own vinyl collection, check out the following resource to find something different.

Hyp Records – Find interesting and informative guides to three types of hip vinyl: exotic, zany and soul-related.

Vinyl Me, Please – Follow the link to read, learn and listen to all things vinyl. Need to add some records to your collection? Check out a list of 52 essentials.

39 Essential Albums for Audiophiles – These 39 albums are for the audiophile enthusiast — someone who is interested in the sheer quality of sound. Check them out.

Vinyl Collective – This site houses a vinyl forum, blog and record store all in one place. This site is especially of interest to hardcore or punk enthusiasts.

The Record Collector’s Guild – Self-described as the online authority for record collecting, The Record Collector’s Guild is a resource for record appraisals, storage methods and new record releases.

Audiophile USA – If you’re a collector of jazz, rock or classical records and you don’t feel like locating high-end record shops and visiting them in person, check out this online resource for your needs.

Caring for Your LP Records – The American Library Association offers its tips for properly caring for your vinyl record collection.

The Vinyl Factory   – Visit this site to get the latest news, interesting feature articles and upcoming events related to the vinyl industry.


Audiophile Podcasts and Blogs

Check out these popular podcasts and blogs that offer reviews, news and insight for all things audio.

Beginner Audiophile – Join cohosts Michael O’Neal and Dr. Paul Anderson for podcasts brimming with audio gear reviews and related commentary and interviews.

The Tone Control – Justin and Derek, who host this podcast, cover music news, gear reviews, recording and so much more.

Part Time Audiophile – Visit this blog if you can appreciate reviews with a side of humor. Scott Hull, an audiophile enthusiast, works hard to create interesting content that will draw readers in and keep them coming back for more.

Audio Head – More audio reviews from site creator Brian Hunter. If you like Part Time Audiophile, you’ll also enjoy Audio Head’s offerings.

Moon Audio Blog – Run by Drew Baird, Moon Audio has a wealth of audio gear posts that rank as quality content. And, if you’re in the market for headphones, earphones or premium audio cables you can find it on the brand’s website.


Audio Gear Forums

Audiophile spoken here. Mix it up with like-minded individuals and experts in one of these forums. Offer your advice or seek the advice of others who share your passion.

Head-Fi.org Forum – Sign up to become a member and get access to the following types of forums: equipment, high-end audio, meets and get-togethers, for sale or trade, DIY and more.

Gearslutz Forum – Find forum topics concerning high-end gear, low-end gear, mobile sound, live sound, electronic music, post-production and others.

AVS Forum – Register to gain access to tons of forum topics focusing on all things audio as well as classifieds.

ProSoundWeb Forums – Here you’ll find a variety of forums that address recorded audio with a focus on specific techniques, choosing equipment and utilizing it.

Just Hi-Fi.com – This is a smaller forum in comparison to others, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less interesting or helpful. Check it out to see what you think.


Audio Gear Review Sites

When it comes to audio gear — especially the high-end variety — you definitely want the most bang for your buck. Don’t risk choosing a piece of equipment until you’ve done your research.

Audiophilia – While mostly focused on high-end equipment, it’s still a worthwhile resource for anyone seeking helpful information and reviews.

Gearslutz.com – Discover tons of reviews on various synthesizers, software, microphones, recorders and all kinds of other audio gear.

Audio Review.com – This site provides buyer’s guides and reviews for all different types of speakers, amplifiers and headphones as well as other audio equipment.

Home Theater Review.com – This is an audiophile’s dream-come-true when it comes to audio gear reviews. Current reviews and tons of archived reviews are always available.

Audiophiliac – As one of the most influential people in the audiophile space, Steve Guttenberg has amassed over 500 reviews and twice as many articles concerning audio products. Check it out.